About Rev Pam Bowers-Smith

Rev. Pam Bowers-Smith

Reverend Pam Bowers-Smith, servant of God and the Lord’s church; wife, mother, grandmother, worshipper, pastor, author, business woman and girl-friend; while she has been set apart to preach the Gospel and serves in the Pastoral Ministry, her true passion is the teaching ministry.

Her areas of expertise are in administration and office management. She worked in the corporate sector for many years and has worked in the religious sector for the last 28 years. She served under the leadership of Bishop Donald Hilliard (Cathedral International, Perth Amboy, NJ) for 13 years where she was licensed and ordained by the Covenant Ecumenical Fellowship and Cathedral Assemblies (CEFCA) where she served as Chaplain. For seven of those years she served as Admin to Bishop Hilliard. She was elevated to the office of Overseer in 2017 by the Covenant Fellowship Alliance under the leadership of Bishop H. Curtis Douglas of Queens Village, NY. She is a certified chaplain and member of the Chaplaincy University International Coalition of Pastors and Chaplains.

Reverend Bowers-Smith is an experienced (from soup to nuts) Conference Coordinator and Event Planner. She has served as coordinator/planner for the CEFCA Leadership Conference, Safe Harbor Pastors Conference and as event planner in the secular arena as well. Apart from the work of ministry, her other passion is interior design/decorating which she does as a side line as time permits.

She is the founder and director of “Real Women Have Curves” LLC, (RWHC) a unique enterprise designed to address many of the challenges women seek to overcome daily. Through a multi-faceted approach, we seek to enlighten, uplift and empower women. The annual brunch is one of the highlights of our women’s events. Women from all walks of life, from ages 2 to 100, different ethnicities, religions and persuasions come together under one roof and the result is always a resounding, “look what the Lord has done”. This event speaks to the girlfriend in all of us women. Literally hundreds, upon hundreds of women gather under one roof for a glorious time of refreshing fellowship.

Additionally, her Real Talk/Real Issues Empowerment for Transformation Weekend is changing mindsets. Her non-traditional approach is liberating women from painful and destructive past experiences that have held them hostage for years through the power of God, the Word of God and hand-on clinical insight and strategies from licensed professionals. The ultimate goal of RWHC is to provide services and make resources available to enable women to overcome their pasts, experience good success in the present and fearlessly embrace their futures.

She is the author of Rocking Your Curves, a women’s empowerment tool that encourages women to embrace their bodies, feed their spirit and with God’s help rock the curves that life throws at us all.

Reverend Bowers-Smith currently serves as Pastor with her husband, the Reverend Joshua Smith, at the Bible Based Church/Christ for the World Ministries in Somerset, NJ where they are living for God, loving through God, leading by God and Jesus Christ is yet Lord! They are a small church with a large ministry and mission determined to fulfill the purposes of God as they move forward in their God-driven vision.