Real Talk/Real Issues

Real Talk / Real Issues

This facet of RWHC is designed to deal with the deeper issues that often keep us paralyzed or on lockdown from pursuing our God-given purpose and destiny; Issues that have affected our sense of worth, our perspective, our progression, growth and maturity, performance, success, our today and our future.

Our pasts and the issues it has produced cannot be the captain at the helm of our lives or journeys. We believe in the God Potential in every woman, regardless of our pasts, pathologies or peculiarities.

So many of us have suffered abuse and trauma at the hands of parents, family members, employers, boyfriends, spouses, employers, co-workers, friends, clergy, church leaders, etc. Some of these things are so detrimental and devastating, not just to the body, but to our psyche and yet – THERE IS STILL GOD’S PLAN AND PURPOSES for our lives.

Real Talk/Real Issues equips, encourages and empowers women through transformation to live our best lives N.O.W. (Notable, Overcoming Wonders). In other words, being changed from the broken, battered, beaten-down, insecure, insignificant nobodies we may have thought ourselves to be, into the Remarkable, Conquering, Miraculous women God has purposed us to be.

We do this through the Word of God, through licensed and credential psychologists and therapists; sound and solid resources and witnesses – sisters who have been there and been transformed and are yet enduring the process that further transforms and builds us for that life more abundantly daily in spite of our past or our present circumstances.

Real Talk / Real Issues Testimonials


“Thank you, ladies for your transparency and giving us your uncut stories. I left the victim. I left the little girl. I left the excuses. I left the mask….today I put on my big girl panties…made peace…left with a hug and a hope of a new relationship.”


“What an amazing empowerment weekend!…We all have ‘stuff’ but to reach our full potential, we MUST endure the process. Kudos to the storytellers and presenters…”


“RWHC Empowerment Weekend was amazing. I was truly blessed and enriched by every speaker. Thank you, Pastor Pam Bowers-Smith for your spirit of excellence with everything that you do.”