Sanctuary - I am Safe


This program is our latest and most in-depth undertaking.  It is an eight Session-3hour program meeting monthly that will provide services and resources needed to thrive beyond past traumas, mistakes, setbacks, etc., experience a new sense of overall well-being and fearlessly embrace the future.

Our mission is to empower to eradicate joyless living and to harness a real knowing and sense of the importance of embracing life fully.  We don’t just want to be successful in business, but we want to experience success in living.  We accomplish this through self-exposure and acknowledgment (past, present and future); providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment; dismantling misconceptions and false fronts; renewing mindsets and repairing breaches of the soul; fortification and encouragement through community; and follow-up through support groups, professional/licensed counseling and referrals.   Our list of participating professionals and therapists are all well respected in their fields.

Session content is thorough and precise and was designed with careful thought concerning women and the varied, yet common issues and struggles women in business, ministry, leadership, the workforce and in the home deal with daily.

It is entitled SANCTUARY because it is exactly what we want to provide; a safe place and space to work on ourselves.