About us

All about Real Women Have Curves

Real Women Have Curves, now a private LLC under the leadership of Pam Bowers-Smith (Founder and Facilitator), was birthed in 2005 as part of the women’s ministry of Bible Based Church. It began with 100 women at your usual cookie-cutter church lady brunch. As the vision began to shift and become reality, it grew into an entity all by itself, pushing and thus removing boundaries and limitations set by traditions and good intentions and exceeding every expectation.

The notion behind the Curves is that all women have them. They may not be in the places we like, but we all have them. We all may not have physical curves but we have spiritual curves if, indeed, our lives have been shaped in anywise by the hand of God. Maybe we don’t fall into the spiritual curves category either, but here is where we all find common ground with our Curves. Life!!! Life has and continues to throw us Curves we can’t dodge, wish away, pray away, fast away or decree away. The purpose of RWHC is to speak to the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives in ways that instruct and empower us; to use them together to face and overcome the Curves that life throws at us on a day-to-day basis. We call that "rocking your curves!" It was out of this notion that the book, Rocking Your Curves, authored by Pam Bowers-Smith was released in 2015.

Through RWHC, we seek to draw women from all walks of life for the purpose of uplifting and empowering them while celebrating our diversities. We encourage the uniqueness of every woman ─ the liberty to be you and do you; rock your own style, create your own bag. We believe our winning ticket is Jesus: plus, our authentic self with Him being our “sparkle,” that "shining bright” through the real you – the only you!

Here at RWHC different is good! Different is embraced! Uniqueness is celebrated. Here are a few of the highlights of RWHC:

Our annual brunch, held the 3rd Saturday in July (unless otherwise specified)
Real Talk/Real Issues Empowerment for Transformation Weekend
RWHCConnect/Girl, Let’s Pray! Prayer Call Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month
RWHC Group Page on Facebook

So ladies, come one, come all! We welcome your participation. We are anticipating impactful and eventful fellowship and connection with each of you. In the meantime, put your big girl panties on every day (we still have a few pairs left, lol!) and rock every curve life throws at you! YOU CAN DO THIS N.O.W. (Notable, Overcoming Wonder)!!! Love you ladies big time!